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Protect that Paint!

Bob’s Original™ Fender Covers are designed to protect your entire fender from accidental scratches. It’s easy to forget about your belt buckle or drop a tool while working on your vehicle. Our covers surround the engine compartment 360 degrees and can’t fall off! They are made out of recycled cotton and are 5 times thicker than most fender covers. The one-piece design sits snugly on the fenders without use of risky metal magnets or straps.

Bob Baker, founder of Bob’s Original™ Fender Covers, has designed custom fender covers for over 100 models of cars and trucks. If you own a vehicle he hasn’t tailored a cover for yet, he only asks for measurements and he’ll make it happen. We also have universal fender covers available. All of the covers are made in the USA by WTB, Inc.

Find your model and get covered today!

Bob has designed for more than 100 different models of cars and trucks. If he doesn’t have a design for your model, he will personally tailor a custom fit cover! We also offer universal sizes.

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What makes these covers special?

Our fender covers surround the engine compartment with 360 degrees of protection without any magnets or clips. We offer two thicknesses, standard and premium.

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Find out Bob Baker’s Story!

Bob Baker founded Bob’s Original™ Fender Covers. Did you know he used to drag race ? The picture above shows him in a ’61 Stingray in 1971 at the Lyons drag strip.

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“As I worked on my muscle car for many years, recently at a car show I came across Bob’s Original Fender Covers and picked one up. I’ve used it to protect my paint job as I’m working on it adding more bolt-on high performance parts. I will always use this to protect and prevent damage to my hotrod and I highly recommend this for any vehicle you work on.”
– Dave from San Bernadino, CA

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“As a person who has worked on cars for over 40 years, the Bob’s Original Fender Cover is the perfect solution to protecting a vehicle when working on it. Unlike conventional fender covers that only protect a portion of a fender, and can fall off, the Bob’s Original sits on the vehicle and cannot fall off. Plus, it provides 360 degrees of protection at all times. Now that we have a Bob’s Original Fender Cover, I won’t work on a vehicle without it.”
– Larry Weiner