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WTB, Inc. manufactures a line of products for the sediment and erosion control industry. Our products for this industry are known for the durability and reusability compared to more traditional options.  They are also highly effective and keep construction sites in compliance.

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WTB, Inc. is located in Sacramento, CA, and manufactures quality textile products that are 100% made in the USA. For over 10 years, we have been developing products for the stormwater control and construction industry, and have expanded into the horticultural industry as well.  We believe in innovation and integrity as it applies to our customers, our employees, and our products.  As we continue to grow, we are excited to create more jobs in our area and to continue to manufacture high quality, American-made products.

We invite you to explore our site and the resources we have available.  We are happy to assist you with any questions you might have.  Feel free to contact us by phone at 916-922-9222 or visit our contact page to email us.